The core asset for this business segment is Rodina, OJSC
located in the Kanevsky and Pavlovsky districts of the Krasnodar region:

5 State-of-the-Art Dairy Farms
s equipped with Afi Farm monitoring
systems, featuring online central management

10 000 Head of Cattle
3 400 Lactating Cows

Annual Increase
in the Number of
Lactating Cows on the
basis of in-house
Breeding Capacity

Agricultural Equipment, Infrastructure
and Innovative Technologies

Rodina, OJSC

Rodina is a Productivity Leader in Russia
(With a Milk Yield of more than 10,000 litres per Cow, per Year).

— Construction of a new Dairy Farm is underway, with partial commissioning scheduled for Q3 2017.

Design work on a 3,000-head Mega-Farm is ongoing, with construction slated to as part of STEPPE Agroholding's Development Strategy.

The Farm has a European Certification enabling it to supply
milk to producers of dairy products
exported to the EU;
a testament to the outstanding quality of its milk.